Alcestis & Konstantinos

Mythos Weddings is once again great and the dreamy decoration of the wedding of Alcestis and Konstantinos is the proof. The couple chose to celebrate their love in Kefalonia with the most stunning bohemian floral arrangements from Bosonis Flowers impressively decorating every corner and have a next day shooting in a dreaming beach. The lush archway at the entrance of the church, the gorgeous bridal bouquet and the spectacular outdoor reception decorations were some of the highlights of this special day that stood out to us. Tall candlesticks with dark candles, straw sofas and romantic fairy lights completed the already gorgeous setting. Alcestis, wearing a glamorous wedding dress from Primalicia starred in her own fairy tale, with the chosen one of her heart by her side, happily looking at her over and over again. The two celebrated every special moment to the fullest, with Vicky Bekiaridou Photography capturing all the pulse of their own special day.

Kefalonia Island, Greece
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